Ann Perrin (nee Field) B.A M.Sc.
London - UK
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The British Puppet and Model Theatre Guild
Joan Field is dressing one of the sets, they are either Laurence Primmer or John Carr’s marionettes. Does anyone know which?

The British Puppet and Model Theatre Guild were fortunate in securing Ron to run three of their post war exhibitions. One was opened by Valerie Hobson.

The 1950 Silver Jubliee Exhibition became an unpaid full time job but also a labour of love to Ron, Dame Sybil Thorndike opened the proceedings. This exhibition brought in record funds for the Guild!

Dame Sybil Thorndike opening the Silver Jubilee Exhibition of the British Puppet and Model Theatre Guild in 1950.
One of the sets for the exhibition, does anyone know whose marionettes they are? Judy (my sister) and I are two of the children, with John Parkin. Who are the two little girls in berets?
My sister (Judy) and I are in the line up. Judy is holding our first Mad Hatter and I'm holding the White Rabbit. The boy is Peter Hogget. Who are the other two girls?