Ann Perrin (nee Field) B.A M.Sc.
London - UK
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The Early Years
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My late father Ron Field started his career as a pianist, studying composition and orchestration under George Evans.

The war put an end to his musical studies when he volunteered for the Army and served in North Africa and later in Italy.

It was in Italy that he first experienced a performance of Commedia dell'Arte. He brought back to England two sets of tiny marionettes of the characters represented in that drama..

At the end of the war in Europe, he was transferred to the ENSA production unit where he composed music and songs for many of its touring shows. Demobilisation followed and Ron stayed in Italy to fulfil engagements with Radio Milan. One of his songs written at that time 'Perdute Cose' became a hit on Italian Radio.

It was about this time that Ron's interest in marionettes developed further. On his return to England in 1946 Ron and my mother Joan, started making and performing with their own marionettes. Joan who was a skilled designer in her own right was soon modelling heads and making costumes in miniature for their marionettes.

Ron's career as a Puppet Master had begun.

Joan and Ron preparing for their production of "Grand and Glorious" for the Queen's Coronation

In 195O Ron was elected to the council of the British Puppet and Model Theatre Guild and Joan had her first book of Puppet Plays published.

"Visit the Silver Jubilee Puppet Exhibition, Royal Hotel, Woburn Place, WC1. Oct.30-Nov.11, 1950"